The Chang Yangs

It takes a long table to seat 84 guests! Isn’t it gorgeous?

It has been an intolerably long time since I last blogged about a wedding.  And after last weekend I have two!  I will tell you about both, but Jenni and Peter are first…

I first met Jenni months ago – it might have even been December of last year.  She came to my home office one evening with her friend and bridesmaid Grace.  Jenni didn’t have too much planned for her wedding yet, but she told me she was hoping for an elegant Alice in Wonderland vibe.  Love it!  I had such a delightful time getting to know both of them…the initial meeting went on for hours because we kept getting sidetracked!  I felt an instant kinship with both women and was optimistic I would be hearing from Jenni soon.

Jenni and Peter’s wedding was to take place at Laguna Gloria – a venue I was familiar with but had not had the pleasure of working at yet.  And Laguna Gloria provides all couples with a list of preferred vendors – these are not the only ones to choose from, just ones they have confidence in due to their experiences.  Having never worked there, I was not on the list.  And Jenni had already started a great back and forth with her caterer of choice (Crave CateringYUM) who was strongly urging her to use a coordinator from her list.

So Jenni met with two of them.  She talked to them about her wedding and although she had nothing disparaging to say about them, she felt she just didn’t click with them.  Like the way she clicked with me.  And ultimately she had to just go with her gut.  I’m so glad she did!

First, because Laguna Gloria is a gorgeous venue and Jenni had plans to use every inch of it for her wedding day.  Second, because I knew I would be working alongside professionals I trust and have worked with before like Crave Catering and Greenbelt DJ. And third, and most importantly, because I just really wanted to be a part of their day.  I knew this would be a challenging wedding and I knew I could help make it all run smoothly.

One of the biggest challenges of working with Jenni was she is based in New York!  So other than our initial meeting and one brief walk-thru at the venue in May I didn’t even get to see her again until the week of her wedding.  Add to that her busy schedule…let’s just say I love email!

So now it is October and although we’d been having lovely 70 and 80 degree days just prior, good ol’ Texas decided to have one last heat wave so we had temps in the 90s on Friday, October 5th.

Jenni was breathtakingly gorgeous in her Monique Lhuillier gown (I found a picture of it online and have pinned it here – at least I think this is the one she wore).  I am unable to accurately describe it…as soon as I have the photos from the talented Ashley Garmon of Ashley Garmon Photographers I will be sure to post.  The bridesmaids all wore short dresses of their own choosing (with a little guidance from the Bride) in different colors.  The groom and his party all wore grey suits of their own choosing.

The flowers by Posey Floral Designs were soft pinks and white with winter berries and Dusty Miller.  The ceremony took place in the amphitheatre with gold Chinese wind chimes on shepherd hooks lining the aisle.  Jenni and Peter asked their friend Victor to write and perform the ceremony which included a blessing of the rings and a bow to the parents.

Following the ceremony, guests were guided to the Temple of Love for cocktails and appetizers which had been decorated along the way with Chinese lanterns and more wind chimes.  Because Jenni and Peter took most of their photos prior to the ceremony, they were able to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests.

And finally it was time for dinner where we had 11 tables placed end to end for one long King’s table.  Lighting was provided by D&H Lighting and candles along the table.  Guests were guided to their seats by menu cards with their table and seat assignment – each table was marked by drawings of animals in old-time Western wear (adorably drawn by a friend of the couple).  Each place setting had a hand wrapped silver fortune cookie hinge box as a gift to thank their guests…little buddhas with name cards showed guests where to be seated.  Jennie and Peter chose to have a sweetheart table at the bottom of the steps.

After dinner we cut the cake – painstakingly designed by Jenni and executed beautifully by Stardust Pastry.  And she has to have had the cutest cake topper I have ever seen – a gold heart locket with a tiny little pop up bride and groom inside (it took some searching but I finally found it here)!  In lieu of a Groom’s cake, Hojicha and Horchata shooters were served with german chocolate donut holes.

After a quick change and a brief rehearsal upstairs, the couple’s first dance was a choreographed number to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen…you could tell they worked hard on it and had a lot of fun!  Visit my Facebook page to see a clip from the end of the dance.

There was also a photobooth Peter had put together with the help of a friend and I know they got some great shots.  I saw a lot of people go through that photobooth…alas, my team and I did not have an opportunity to join in on the fun – but we had fun watching others do it!

At the end of the evening the happy couple left to a barrage of high 5’s from their guests and hopped on an electric bicycle built for two provided by Rocket Electric Bikes.  It was a perfect ending, and a perfect getaway  for this fun-loving couple.

Oh and since at the end of the evening Victor came up to tell me how wonderful everything looked “like an elegant tea party” I say mission accomplished. 🙂

Jenni and Peter – thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day.  I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Be Carefree,


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1 Response to The Chang Yangs

  1. Jenni says:

    Suzanne, you and your team were such a delight to work with. I am so impressed by your attention to detail and execution of responsibilities. I sent you a heck of a lot of emails too! Your humor, knowledge, calm and openness really helped throughout the entire process. Peter and I loved our wedding. Thanks for all your amazing work and dedication. Ladies, if you’re looking for a coordinator, Suzanne is so on top of it and just plain AWESOME. -Jenni

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