I can hardly believe I designed it myself! So easy to use!

Recently I was approached by to sample their product.  All they requested in return was a mention on my blog (thus today’s topic) – my response was sure…but if I didn’t like it, I would say so.

Last week I received my order of two car magnets.  I’m pretty excited because it is something I’d been thinking about getting. My only hesitation was a friend once had magnets for her car and they flew off while she was driving down the highway!  But hey, free is free so I thought why not?  I used the online tools to create my own design and it was super easy!  I’m not all that talented when it comes to graphic design but as you can see by the photo it turned out pretty well!

I chose the heavy-duty (45 mil) magnet, in the largest size offered (12″ x 24″).  My greatest concern was not the look of the magnet, though that was obviously important, but rather that the magnets would stay on while driving around town.

Well not only do they stay in place around town, but they didn’t budge on a recent trip out to East Texas.  And while I wouldn’t say we are speeders, we did take full advantage of newly increased speeds throughout the state.

So if you are still reading along, you may be asking yourself what car magnets have to do with weddings.  Am I right?  Well I’ve thought of a couple of ideas: how about a just married sign for the back of your car?  Or “I’m her Mr” and  “I’m his Mrs” for the car doors?  There are actually many variations you could play with and after the wedding you could always frame them as keepsakes (or hang on the side of your refrigerator)!

The prices are pretty affordable so if you have been trying to think of a way to decorate your getaway car this could be it.  And if you snap a picture of me driving around town with my car magnets, I’ll give you $50 off any package (not valid with any other discounts or offers)!

Be Carefree,


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