True Story

I don’t want this to be you on your wedding day!

I’m so fortunate to do what I do, and one of my favorite perks is bumping into former brides (and grooms) after the wedding.  Yesterday at lunch I bumped into one of my brides from last year…and she said something that really hit home.

She told me the number one piece of advice she gives her friends that are getting married is to hire a Day of Coordinator…even if their venue comes with one.  And that her biggest wedding day regret is that she didn’t hire me (I officiated only).  She just went with the on-site coordinator and she was stressed throughout the evening because of things that happened.

I can’t tell you how often I hear this!  And I know you are probably sitting there reading this and thinking it is isolated to a single venue.  But it isn’t.  With very few exceptions, even the venue will recommend you hire a DoC.  Because they understand their limitations, and more importantly, they know how hectic your wedding day will be.

Think about all the things you have been planning for your wedding day, and how crazy it has been trying to fit everything in the last few months.  Now imagine doing all of it in one day.  Someone needs to supervise set up – arrange the escort cards, add your personal touches.  And I’ve said it before, what if something goes wrong?  The wrong cake is delivered or the DJ doesn’t show up?  Who’s going to take care of that?

During the reception you need someone to keep things running smoothly – to coordinate with the catering staff and the DJ.  Who will load your gifts?  Pack the get away car? Line up your guests for the exit?  Or cue your photographer as to what event is coming up next?

And once the evening is finally over, who’s going to clean up?  Not the plates, the catering staff has that under control.  But the dozens of candles you bought, or frames you decorated with, even your guest book.  Who will be in charge of those things?

I’m often told by venue staff how excited they are when they learn their couples have a DoC – because they understand the value.  I’ve even heard of venues that require a DoC.  They know that having a DoC will ensure your wedding day goes smoothly…and that you will be much happier for it.

Don’t believe me?  Ask your venue.  They will probably have a preferred vendor list…but promise that you won’t hire someone just because they are on the list (even if it’s me).  Check your resources like WeddingWire and meet with several before making your choice.  An upcoming bride booked me after checking out two different preferred DoCs from her venue – and hired me because we clicked (in spite of me not being on the list).

And that is my number one lesson I try to teach – love your wedding professionals!  They are going to be with you on the biggest day of your life so far.  That…and hire a Day of Coordinator.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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One Response to True Story

  1. Just now reading this — and we agree! We offer Day of Coordination and could not be more adamant when recommending such services to brides. Even if you want to essentially plan the wedding yourself, there is no way you want to be the go-to coordinator on the actual wedding day!

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