Wedding Day Beauty

Just as essential as the proper products: the proper tools. Make sure you have a good set of brushes to properly blend and apply your makeup.

I am a huge advocate for pampering yourself  – whether you go to a salon for a professional mani/pedi or take time out and do it yourself, spending time on YOU is always worth it.  And of course, I think you should hire professionals on your wedding day to pamper you…most brides will hire someone to do their hair but makeup?  That’s usually one of the first expenses to go.

But as I always say, hiring a professional has its advantages.  For example?  A professional makeup artist is going to know all the right brands to use to help you stay gorgeous even in the hot sun.  A pro will know how to highlight and contour your face so the camera captures your true beauty.  A pro can put on false eyelashes without batting an eye (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I understand that when you are trying to cut corners on your wedding day, having a professional seems like an unnecessary expense – or at least a non-essential one.  And while I could argue just how essential it is, if the money isn’t there…well, you have to make do.  And you do your own makeup everyday anyway, right?

Wedding day makeup is different.  I still strongly urge you to hire a pro, but if you can’t here are a few tips I’ve gained through the years to help you to a pro finish.

Wear a makeup primer.  Sure you don’t need it everyday, but are you standing around in the sun for 6 hours everyday wearing a 50 pound dress?  Starting with a makeup primer will help keep your makeup in place all day long.  And don’t forget your eyes – there are special primers intended just for your eyes to help your shadow last hours longer…with no creases.

Green concealer is your friend.  For any red spots or blemishes on your face (or back or shoulders), dab a little green concealer.  You’ll want to gently blend it before your foundation.

Skip the SPF.  This is the only time I ever suggest not putting on SPF – and make sure it isn’t in your lotion or foundation as well.  Or, even better, just make sure the SPF doesn’t include Titanium Dioxide.  The camera flash will pick up traces of the Titanium Dioxide – giving you the dreaded ghost face in all of your photos.  Just try to stand in the shade as much as you can.

Focus on your eyes.  Your groom will be gazing lovingly into them all day long – make sure they are ready.  I have recently tried the new Almay intense i-color shimmer-i kit – I love it.   There are different trios to bring out your eye color so there is something for everyone.

Falsies!  Adding false lashes will give your eyes the most oomph.  I curl my lashes first, put on the falsies, and then put on my mascara blending my natural lashes up from underneath.  But it takes practice!! (I also apply my eyeshadow and eyeliner first – some people recommend the false lashes before the rest of the eye makeup.)

Don’t forget your lips.  For the best staying power for your lipstick try this: chapstick or lip balm, follow with a lip liner that closely matches your natural lip color and line your lips…and then fill them in with the lip liner.  Apply lipstick and blot with tissue.  Place a tissue over your lips and then brush with powder.  Apply lipstick again and blot one more time.  I can’t promise it will last all night, but it should last a lot longer – and with little to no smudging.  I also recommend staying with a natural lip tone – it is less obvious when it does start to fade.

Practice.  I am not a professional makeup artist – these are tips and tricks I have learned throughout my life.  Don’t try any new beauty products or methods for the first time on your wedding day…that’s just asking for frustration.  And allow for plenty of time on your wedding day for application – it will take longer than usual.  Count on it.

And remember, a smile is always the best beauty tip.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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