Fabulous Feet

A perfect wedding shoe: thicker heel, not too high, straps to keep them in place, and a small platform for comfort. And blue too!

It’s no secret that I have had a lasting love affair with shoes.  And I always ask to see the shoes my Bride is wearing…and it is usually love at first sight.  But fabulous shoes don’t always equate to comfortable shoes.  Here are a few tips to have the happiest feet you can on your wedding day.

You must have a pedicure.  A professional one.  You’re getting your nails done anyway right (and if not, why??)?  Plan your mani/pedi session for the day before and bring your bridal party with you.  It’s a great time for all of you to relax and just have fun.  And spring for the deluxe – your feet will thank you.

Be practical.  At least a little bit.  What I mean is, if you are not the type of girl who normally wears heels then don’t buy a 4 inch stiletto to wear on your wedding day.  You’ll be lucky if you make it down the aisle!  No matter how gorgeous the shoe is, if you can’t walk in them they end up just being a pretty photo prop.

Heels matter.  Not only should you get a height heel you are used to, but I strongly recommend going with a thicker heel or even a wedge – platforms are good too.  They provide stability and support – essential for comfort.

Break them in.  Don’t save them so they are in pristine condition for your wedding day – but don’t wear them while grocery shopping at Target either.  Wear them around the house.  Are you planning a special dance?  Wear them while you practice!  If you can dance in them you know you can last all night!

Scuff the bottoms.  If you have all carpet in your home, wearing them around to break them in will not scuff the bottoms.  But a smooth sole can be a dangerous thing.  I like to take a few swipes to the bottom of my shoes with sandpaper.  I can’t promise they’ll be no slip but it will help!

Have a back up.  Even if you have made all the proper preparations, you may still find you are fed up with the fabulous long before your evening is over.  Don’t be stubborn.  Have a pretty pair of flip-flops or emergency flats handy just in case.  Because you may not want to walk around barefoot.

Remember that you will be wearing your shoes for probably 6 hours…maybe longer.  You’ll be standing still for ceremony and photos, walking around talking to guests, and dancing all night long.  Hopefully these tips will help you to stay in your wedding shoes as long as possible…and will help you have happy feet all night long.

Be Carefree,



About bethecarefreebride

I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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