Happy Anniversary!

By December 13, 2008 Danielle had become a great friend - she was an honored guest at my wedding.

Shortly after becoming engaged in 2008, I attended a bridal show here in Austin.  I think it might have been just a week or two after he popped the question – he has impeccable timing.  By this point I had already decided I wanted to get married on a cruise ship (which ended up changing but that’s another story) so I admit I mainly attended in hopes of winning something.  Perhaps a gown or honeymoon.  I had no idea that my life would change that day.

Some weeks after the show, I received an email from Danielle introducing herself and her services as both officiant and day of coordinator.  As you probably know, this was not my first wedding – but I had never heard of a day of coordinator.  However, I know a brilliant idea when I hear it.

So with a little trepidation (I’d never been so bold) I replied to Danielle’s email.  I told her of my wedding plans and that I would not be able to utilize her services but I thought she was brilliant and if she ever had need of an assistant, apprentice, or partner to please consider giving me a call.  And of course, I detailed my credentials.

Danielle later told me that she received tons of emails like mine – and yet not like it.  Something about my email clicked with her…I don’t know if it was what I said or if I just had impeccable timing for a change…and she asked if we could meet.

And so we did.  I had a wonderful time getting to know her that evening and she asked me to assist her on an upcoming wedding.  I ecstatically agreed and rushed home to giddily tell my fiance the news.

That first wedding was on April 25, 2008.  I never looked back.  I knew that day that my dream job I’d been searching for…yearning for… was finally in front of me.  I assisted Danielle with many more weddings, officiated ones that she was unavailable for, and finally coordinated some on my own.  And when she decided it was time to retire, she trusted me enough to sell me the business.  To carry on the name and reputation she had painstakingly built.

I am teary-eyed with gratitude as I type this.  That may sound hokey but when someone helps you find your calling, the gratitude leaks right out.

Danielle I can never thank you enough for what you did for me.  For taking a chance on hiring me to assist you with that first wedding.  For taking me under your wing and showing me what a great wedding coordinator should be.  For trusting me to carry on your name.  For being my friend.

Thank you.  A million times.  Thank you.

Be Carefree,



About bethecarefreebride

I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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