The Thompsons

I love that their favors meant something to the Bride. I found this one on etsy - click the photo to go to the listing....

A weekday wedding is rare…especially a Monday wedding!  But Lynne and Mike decided that was perfect for them and I would have to agree!  The weather was gorgeous with just the slightest breeze to keep us comfortable.  The setting was the gazebo on the lawn at Green Pastures just south of downtown Austin.  Love.

Lynne and Mike wanted to keep things simple and relaxed.  They saw each other before to do as many photos possible.  The guest count was small – only about 50 – and kept the wedding intimate.

The bridal party wore matching knee-length, satin, watermelon pink dresses that flattered everyone (I kind of want it for myself!).  They each wore white shoes of their choosing – and I have to say I was in love with MoH’s!  White with a pop of watermelon pink at the toe and a fluffy fabric flower.  So fun!

Lynne wore a lovely white, strapless gown with a beaded sweetheart neckline and pick up skirt.  Although she too had some fabulous heels (white with watermelon pink roses) by the time the ceremony rolled around she had abandoned them for more comfortable footwear.  Her something blue was a gorgeous hair brooch from her BFF.

Mike and his party all wore a traditional black tuxedo with the Groom in the classic white vest and tie combo and the rest of his party in watermelon pink to match the ladies.

The flowers were a fragrant mix of whites and pinks – I was distracted by how lovely the Bride’s bouquet smelled at the beginning of the ceremony.  In keeping with the simplicity theme, the ceremony was approximately 10 minutes with music provided by a violinist.  Lynne and Mike had chosen to do semi-customized funny vows but they didn’t know what each other was promising.  I loved when Mike realized one of his promises to Lynne was the same as one of her promises to him (to always cuddle when she jumps out and scares him)!  The vows brought tears of laughter to their eyes and everyone joined in.

Afterwards guests were invited to enjoy drinks on the lawn while Mike and Lynne posed for a few more photos.  A buffet dinner was to follow.  And here’s my favorite part:  Lynne is a chef with Austin Cake Ball so guests were treated to cake ball favors – lemon and cherry almond.  So good!  Another favor was a pot made of coconut husk with little paper hearts inside embedded with seeds to grow herbs (another nod to our Bride the chef).  I received yellow hearts which means – in theory – I will grow Dill.  Which is perfect for me because I love to cook with Dill!  And I say in theory because I am notoriously bad at growing things.  Sigh.

Lynne and Mike – thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day.  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Be Carefree,




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