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I love this photo from my wedding! Note that I am being photographed from the side and above. I do have a bit of a neck crease but it is mostly hidden by my necklace so I don't by Susanne Michelle Photography

Now that you have some guidance on choosing a photographer, how do you make the most of your money?  I know not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera so how do you overcome that?

My first tip is to take advantage of an engagement session (a bridal portrait session would work too but an engagement session gets you more pictures of you and your beloved).  It really isn’t just a clever marketing ploy for your photographer to make more money – in fact, many photographers will include it in a wedding package.

Having an engagement session with your wedding day photographer will give the three of you an opportunity to get to know one another.  Therefore putting you more at ease on your wedding day.  Have you ever noticed how stiff the people look in professional studio portraits?  It’s because they just met their photographer 5 minutes ago!

I found this blog via Pinterest about most common photography mistakes and giving tips for aspiring photographers avoiding them.  I thought at least some of the tips would be useful to pass along to you to use on your wedding day.  Be sure to check out the original post for details and photographic examples.

1.  Neck creases.  This is caused by the subject walking away from the camera and turning back resulting in unflattering neck creases.  Suggested fixes include placing hair in front of the shoulder to cover the neck or having the subject half turn their upper body instead of just the neck.

2.  Shooting shoulders square on.  To a certain extent that will be unavoidable in your wedding day photos.  However, whenever you can tilt your shoulders just a little – one towards the camera, the other away.

3.  Straight joints.  The most stiff photos have the subject standing still.  Adding a cocked hip with one hand on it can make your photo go from blah to fabulous.

4.  Awkward and unflattering standing poses.  Watch celebrities on the red carpet.  They stand slightly turned with one foot in front of the other with a slight bend in the front leg.  They definitely know how to pose!

5.  Arms glued to body.  Whenever possible, try to have your hands doing something rather than hanging limply at your sides.  Holding a bouquet or someone’s hand…leaning against something.  Anything to bring life to your photo.

6.  Shooting from below.  For most women a photo shot from below is doomed to fail.  However the same subject shot from above can be the most flattering ever taken.

7.  Posing guys in cheesy or feminine positions.  The simplest fix is usually the best – hands in pockets.  For most men they will naturally relax and therefore take a better picture.

8.  Posing kids.  We all love a cute flower girl and a handsome little ring bearer, but you need to know getting a formal portrait with them will be a challenge.  Ask them how they would like to pose and then follow suit.  It’s much better than smiling through 10 flashes trying to get all the kids looking at the camera at the same time.  And you and the rest of the wedding party will probably be laughing – and that always makes for a great photo!

9.  Botching the money shot.  Which in wedding photo terms would be pretty much any photo of just the bride and groom.  Relax into each other.  Lean your head on his shoulder.

As I mentioned before, please refer to the original post for even more tips on posing.  Cruise the web and find photos you love – and then try out the poses.   And as always, trust in your photographer.

Be Carefree,



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