When things go wrong

Want to be Carefree on your wedding day? Hire a Day of Coordinator!

As a Day of Coordinator I have one of the toughest jobs in the wedding field.  And it isn’t just because of what I do.  It’s because I have to convince couples there is value and a real need for what I do…they know they need a venue, photographer, cake, and music.

But how to convince someone they need you when you offer an intangible service?  Frankly I find the most effective method is to describe past wedding disasters.  And every example I give is one I have personally experienced.

Dead or wrong flowers – I wish I could say this just happened once, but sadly it has happened twice.  Which when you consider the volume of weddings I’ve done, that isn’t so bad.  Unless they are your flowers and then it is devastating.

The first time I was the Officiant for the couple and the flowers were either dead or dying.  When I am only officiating I arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time which doesn’t afford me time to fix mishaps.  Had I been there for set up (as DoC) I could have refused delivery of the dead flowers and demanded they be re-done.  Or I could have called upon one of my contacts to help me.

The second time the flowers were not what my Bride wanted – but they were done by a family member so there was no refusing delivery or demanding corrections.  Instead my assistant and I reworked all of the centerpieces until they more closely matched the Bride’s original vision.

Wrong cake – Again, this has happened not just once, but twice.  The first time the cake tasted delicious, was the right style, but the colors were wrong and certain details were absent.  Luckily the cake delivered was lovely and we had flowers leftover from the centerpieces to add so it more closely matched my Bride’s vision.  And I was able to negotiate nearly half my couple’s money back.

The second time the cake delivered was a sheet cake instead of the 3 tiered wedding cake my couple expected!  I was able to have the cake remade and delivered prior to the start of the ceremony.  And they received a portion as a refund as well.

Dirty or beat up chairs – I once had white folding chairs delivered for a wedding ceremony covered in bird poop.  I keep Clorox wipes in my emergency kit so we were able to clean all the chairs prior to the ceremony.  I also took photos of the worst ones to submit to the rental company – instrumental when trying to negotiate a refund.

A recent Bride rented silver chiavari chairs for use in her ceremony and reception.  Unfortunately when we unwrapped them we discovered they were really banged up – some missing huge chunks of paint.  Again, I took photos and am currently negotiating a refund for my couple.

That’s just 6 examples of things that can (and have) go wrong on your wedding day.  Stay tuned for more examples…

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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