Make it personal

A fun way to welcome guests to your wedding - photos of the two of you from throughout your courtship!

One of the fun side effects of being in the wedding business is being able to live vicariously through my brides in a small way.  I’m able to experience different kinds of weddings – from high-end resort style to casual country chic.  I get to play with different color combinations I might not have thought of (loved Christina’s and Scott’s light blue and orange scheme recently – and I’m not usually a fan of orange!).  Every wedding I have done has been completely different from the others – and yet every one is beautiful.

But it isn’t just the color scheme or venue that makes a wedding gorgeous.  Find ways to bring your own personality in to really make it pop.  Don’t want to be too theme-y?  My most recent pinboard is full of ideas to take your wedding to the next level.

Have unique table numbers….or name your tables after places you love.  Or movies.  Or books.  Anything that speaks to you.  And make sure you have an explanation at each table as to why it has that name.  Or use photos of the two of you growing up – or family wedding photos.  Really, is there any reason for boring numbers?

Dress up the space with family photos. You don’t even have to spend money for this reception decoration!  Use photos you already have around the house – and ask family to borrow some of theirs too.  Decorate the guest book table, the bar, and even the bathrooms.  Nothing personalizes a space more.

Don’t forget the walls.  If your venue will let you, decorate the flat (and tall) spaces.  A wonderful backdrop like this could easily be put together prior to your wedding and used to disguise an unattractive wall space.

Be sure to check out my pinboard for more ideas – and why not follow it so you can see when I add more great ideas?  How are you personalizing your wedding spaces?

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