Trash the dress? Yes!

I love that these two took the plunge the day after I married them! Photo by Tater Tots Photography

You spent months searching for THE dress.  It set the tone for your entire wedding day.  And now your wedding is over and your gown is put away.  Maybe you are saving it for your daughter some day…

…but did you wear your mother’s wedding dress?  Be honest with yourself – as much as you love your wedding gown, it may not be your future daughter’s taste (can’t you hear it now? “mom that is soooo 2012”).  And what if you don’t have a daughter – what if you are only blessed with sons?  Or maybe you don’t want to have kids at all.  So what are you saving it for?

Consider doing a Trash the Dress photo session after your wedding.  If you aren’t leaving on your honeymoon right away, you can do it the next day but you can also wait until you get back.  Heading someplace tropical?  Take your dress with you and do your session there!

It’s important to know that a trash the dress session doesn’t have to include jumping in a body of water.  Think of it more as giving you the freedom to do anything you want in your gown – without worrying about ruining it.  When my friend Magan bought her gown she swore she wasn’t going to take it off for 3 days!  I told her she should do a Trash the Dress session of her wearing her gown doing everyday activities – doing laundry, cooking dinner, vacuuming, even at work!  How fun would that have been? But alas, she opted to save her gown.

Check out my latest pinboard for some inspiration on what you can do with your wedding dress.

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