Ways to remember

Such a unique idea - wish it was mine!

There are so many ways to remember the ones that shared your wedding day with you.  Sure you can go the traditional route with the pre-printed guest book that you will probably open once.  But wouldn’t it be more fun to have a lasting memento from your wedding day?  Something that doesn’t just document who was there, but serves as a work of art for your home?

Of course I have created a board full of alternatives to the traditional guest book, and you can follow it here.  Some of my favorite ideas are:

An enlargement of the couple’s thumbprints, in their wedding colors, angled to create a heart.  Pertinent details such as their names and wedding date are included – then the guests sign all around it!

Jigsaw cut pieces of wood and have guests write messages on the pieces.  After the big day, you can put the puzzle together and frame it.  What a conversation starter!

Have guests sign a bottle of wine.  I think this would be great combined with the boxed wine ceremony (during the ceremony a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a letter from each of you is sealed in a box to be opened on a future anniversary).  If guests sign the bottle as they arrive at the ceremony, that bottle can be placed in the box.

Guests sign a large cutout of the first letter of your last name.  It could be wood or metal – homemade or pre-fabricated – whichever suits your decorating style.

River rocks.  Each guests writes a message on a river rock.  Be sure to add a protective coating or they will wear off over time.  Display in a basket, large bowl or clear vase in your home.

Create ornaments.  I love Christmas and I did get married during the holiday season – this would have been fun!  Guests are asked to write a message on pre-cut strips of paper which they then slip into a clear ornament and hang on a tree.

Framed photo with autograph matte.  I admit this is my favorite, but then I am biased.  This is what I did for my “guest book” – it hangs in my dining room as a constant reminder of my wedding day.

I love this next idea – create a guest book bench.  You can make your own if you are crafty enough, or buy one already made – just make sure you can write on it.  Guests write their messages of love, you seal it, then use it around the home!  I’ve also seen this idea done with a surf board or wooden oars – what is most special to you?

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to have a creative alternative to that boring, old guest book.  What are you going to do?

Be Carefree,




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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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