Manly Florals

Lest you think I have something against flowers, this is what my Groom wore.

Boutonnieres can really help pull the elements of your wedding together, much like your bouquet.  And just like your bouquet, you are not restricted to just flowers.  I’ve created a Pinboard full of gorgeous and unique alternatives to the traditional floral boutonniere.

Inspiration for types of boutonnieres is endless.  Bring your personality into it.  Is your groom a techie?  Use bits of circuit boards in his boutonniere.  Does he cringe at the thought of wearing flowers?  Why not try fresh herbs (also great if your mister is a chef!)?  Looking for a way to remember dearly departed loved ones?  I love the idea of using a frame brooch in place of a boutonniere!

If you plan to create them yourself here are a few tips to keep in mind:

If you plan to use fresh flowers, do your research.  Not all flowers hold up well outside of water.  I’ve seen many a wilted boutonniere by the end of the ceremony.

Size matters.  It is a delicate balance between too big and too small.  Test out the size before committing to a final design. And so does weight.  Make sure it isn’t too heavy to stay in place.

Think about pinning.  And this time, I am not referring to Pinterest.  The thicker the stem of your boutonniere, the more difficult it will be to pin on.  I once had a wedding with the florals done by King Florist and they put backs on the boutonnieres like you would find on the back of a name tag.  Easiest boutonnieres I have ever pinned!

Placement is everything.  You’ve got all of your elements together, make sure to pin the boutonniere in the proper spot – neither too high or too low.  If there is a button-hole on the lapel of the jacket, that is the spot!

Be Carefree,






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