I’ve caught the Pinning bug!

Loved how the petals extended beyond the sides of the aisle to include where the wedding party stood! Photo by Big Box Photography

I’ve been absent awhile – I know.  I’ve been hard at work creating a new website (see previous post).  And while I was waiting for my new site to be ready to introduce, I was becoming aware of Pinterest.

It’s all the rage – you probably think I am behind the times and you are most likely right.  But I stayed away for a reason – I was afraid once I got started there would be no stopping me.  And I wasn’t far off!

I pinned my first board last night (is that the correct vernacular?).  Of course I am getting my feet wet by pinning wedding related items.  And I thought what better way to start than one of the first things guests at your wedding will see?

I have less than a dozen pins on my first board so far but by the time I post this I may have added dozens more.  Here is a breakdown of the first ones that caught my eye.

Circular Aisle – I’ve never seen anything like this.  A really interesting way to seat your guests and have you be surrounded by your loved ones.  J’adore.

Patterned Runner – If you are going to have a runner, why not use that opportunity to introduce a pattern into your wedding.  Adding visual interest without being too distracting.  The example pinned used a damask pattern which is perfect for a more formal ceremony.  What about a sweet polka dot print to add a touch of whimsy?  Or plaid to show off your Scottish heritage?  There are so many wonderful patterns to choose from!

The Chalkboard Runner – Read all about the how to here. You could write love notes to each other, quote love songs, movies or poems…what would you do?

Full flowers – The most common type of aisle decoration today is decorating the sides of the aisle, frequently with a thick blanket of petals.  But why not use whole flowers – as in sunflower heads?  Cabbage roses and other big-headed flowers would be great as well.

The Petal Blanket – as I mentioned above, this is a very popular choice for decorating the wedding aisle.  But it looks best when it is a thick blanket – too few makes it look like you had some leftover petals and decided to throw them down at the last-minute. One thing I don’t recommend is blanketing the entire aisle with petals, especially on a hard surface.  That can create a dangerous walkway – trust me, I know!

Be Whimsical – I love the outdoor wedding with pinwheels of alternating colors lining the aisle.  It is such a fun touch and definitely set a perfect tone for the rest of the day.

Framed – In the pinned photo it looks as though there are black and white photos of individual family members…this could be a great way to remember family members no longer with you or who were unable to attend.  But I love the idea of using old family wedding photos in the frames too!  Make copies of the photo in black and white or sepia tones.  If you like, add a spot of color by hand coloring something in each photo.

Beachy -You don’t have to get married on a beach to have a beachy wedding.  I’ve pinned two examples – one is definitely seaside using various large seashells and starfish sticking up out of the sand to create an aisle for an intimate wedding.  The other uses starfish and ribbon on the aisle seats…wish I’d thought of that for my own wedding a few years ago!

Feather it! -Feathers are a very popular accent in weddings today.  I see them used in bouquets and centerpieces a lot.  But so far, I’ve never had a “feather” girl.  I love this, though I don’t know if I would use white feathers.

Floral Design – I love the idea of creating a design with petals!  It can be a completely random scroll or why not use your monogram?  It kind of combines the pattern idea with blankets of petals – love it!

Mix it up! – I really love candles lining the aisle.  For the wedding pictured above we were going with a vintage feel so in addition to candles we alternated mismatched lanterns.  The finishing touch was the blanket of petals lining the sides between them and circling around to include the wedding party.  Lovely.

Be Carefree,



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