Thanking your wedding party

I recently found this adorable pill box at Charming Charlie - at only $5 it would make an excellent addition to a gift basket! And the variety of styles and shapes enables you to pick a different one for each person.

Weddings are all about the couple to be married.  Everyone knows that.  And as long as you don’t turn into a Bridezilla, you’ll find your friends and family are willing (if not always able) to go above and beyond to assist in making your dream a reality.

So as your wedding day nears, don’t forget to thank those who have been there for you through the whole planning process.  Plan a get together of some sort for your bridesmaids the week of your wedding.  Have brunch at your favorite restaurant.  Too expensive?  Why not invite them to your home for a meal?  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – these people know and love you and are likely all too aware of your financial limitations.

Do your best to plan this for a time when all of your bridal party can attend.  Busy schedules and travel plans can make this difficult but if you let everyone know early enough in your planning process then arrangements can be made.  Personally I suggest not doing this the day before or day of your wedding – there is already enough going on those days!

This is also the time for you to hand out your gifts.  As I have mentioned before,  giving a gift specifically for your wedding isn’t really a gift.  However if you want to include something in a larger gift that can be used on your wedding day, that is okay.  For instance, I made necklaces for all of my bridesmaids but I also bought each of them a gift certificate for a store I knew they loved.  Years ago I received a small, personalized gift basket as part of a wedding party.  The basket still is in use on my bathroom counter and a sachet that was included is still in my drawer (and surprisingly still smells good over 13 years later!).  In fact I still use all of the items that were in that basket.  My friend Magan did something similar – she had tote bags personalized with our initials and then included personal items for each of us.  Remember, it is the thought that counts.

Your groom should do something similar for his friends.  Even if it is nothing more than inviting them over for an evening of Call of Duty and camaraderie.  Gifts for guys tend to be a little harder – they are always difficult to shop for.  If they like gaming, how about some accessories to make it more enjoyable?  Poker players?  How about a nice poker set for each – or personalized chips they can use when the guys get together for poker night? If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited budget, I highly recommend custom bobbleheads.  I bought one for my husband for Christmas and it was a HUGE hit (with him and everyone who saw it). Trust your groom – he knows where their interests lie, even if you do have to help him flesh out the idea a little.

And finally, don’t forget to actually SAY thank you to them.  Whether it is written in a card or simply said as you hand them a gift, everyone loves to hear those two words.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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