For First Timers – Part II

This marks my 200th post!  I can’t think of a better topic than the sometime forgotten items on your wedding day checklist…

1.  Hire a beauty expert.  It’s your wedding day – pamper yourself!  Have someone else do your hair and make-up (and I strongly suggest you have them come to you).  Don’t forget to try them out if you have never used them before – your wedding day is not the day to find out she/he doesn’t have your foundation color in their kit.

2. Get a ready room.  If your venue doesn’t offer rooms for you and your bridal party to get ready in, make arrangements for somewhere close by so you can get ready together.  And have a place for the groom and his party to hang out before hand…they don’t need a lot of time or space to get ready but it’s always a good idea to have them in a room together!

3.  Don’t forget to eat!  It’s so easy to get caught up in your wedding day plans and forget about food.  Make arrangements for breakfast and lunch to be brought to you.  You don’t want to faint on your wedding day!  Or even worse, get too intoxicated because you don’t have enough food in your stomach.

4.  Choose your favors.  You don’t have to have wedding favors, but they are popular so if you want them don’t forget them!

5.  Buy gifts.  At the very least, you will want to buy something for the members of your wedding party as a way to thank them for being a part of your day.  Keep in mind the gift should not be something they have to wear for your wedding – because then it is really a gift for you, isn’t it?  And nothing says you have to get each person the same thing…feel free to personalize!

6.  Choose your music.  Hopefully you have already booked your ceremony and/or reception musicians.  You might also want to work on your Must Play list.  What songs do you want for the processional, recessional, introductions, first dance, parent’s dances, last dance, and cake cutting?  Equally important – what is on your No Play list?

7.  Make it official!  Don’t forget your marriage license!  In Texas, you need to get your marriage license at least 72 hours before your wedding but not more than 30 days before.

8.  Work on your ceremony.  Rules vary by religion on how much control you can have on your ceremony.  But if there is any chance for personalization – do it!  Work on your vows to each other if nothing else.

9.  Plan your honeymoon.  Even if you can only take a mini-moon, plan something to celebrate your nuptial bliss.  You can’t just go home!

10.  Think transportation.  Have you given any thought to how you will arrive at your wedding?  If you and your groom are arriving separately, and you are leaving in a special way, make arrangements to get your cars back home.

11.  Determine seating.  If you are having assigned seating due to a plated meal (or maybe just because you want to keep some people away from each other) don’t forget to make a seating plan.  And then how you will let your guests know where to sit.

12. Don’t forget the end of the night.  So often a couple plans their wedding down to every last detail…but they forget about the end of the night.  Who’s in charge of getting your gifts to your home?  Or your special champagne flutes?  Or the cake server set that has been used in your family for generations?  Or the photos you used to personalize your space?  Or any of the other dozens of items that need to be taken care of at the end of the night.  Just one more reason to hire a Day of Coordinator…she (or he) will take care of all of those things for you.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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