Cheers – Magan Chinnery

Photo by Big Box Photography

Suzanne was the planner for my October 2011 wedding. I would have loved to have had her as my officiant as well, but my husband really wanted to go with his pastor who he had known since childhood. Luckily, the pastor (and Suzanne) was willing to incorporate some other things into his standard ceremony. The ceremony Suzanne wrote was absolutely beautiful, it perfectly mixed the traditional, religious ceremony my husband wanted with the secular ceremony I preferred.

As far as the planning goes, Suzanne was absolutely stellar. She was there from the very beginning and helped me combine the elements I wanted to have in a way that made sense. I wanted the wedding to have a vintage feel, but also wanted to include books in some way (I am a big reader). She came up with a perfect combination of the two. My dad donated some of his old books, my mom picked up some old used ones, and Suzanne and I went through all of them to pick the ones that would look great incorporated into my table centerpieces and the dessert table. Unfortunately, I am in Dallas, so Suzanne was not able to come to all of my vendor meetings, but we emailed before the meetings and she set me up with a list of must-ask questions for each of them. Luckily, she did happen to be there when I met with my DJ/ lighting guy and I credit her presence with the fact that I got all my lighting at a much discounted rate.

At the wedding itself, there were a few issues going on that I know about now, but had no idea about at the time. For example – the bakery gave my cake away to the wrong people! I had no idea this happened, because when I got to the venue my cake was there, looking just as it was supposed to. Suzanne made sure they had another one baked and delivered to the venue before I was ever the wiser (and at a now discounted rate as well).

Overall, my wedding was stunning; even better than I had imagined, and I credit that to Suzanne. She was able to understand my vision and execute it perfectly.

Magan Chinnery


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