Best of 2011

In my opinion these are my best posts by month – and why I think they are the best.

January:  Bride’s Choice 2011 on Allow me to toot my own horn – I won an award!  How awesome was that?

February:  Making the most of your budget Of course a post about ways to save money on your wedding day makes my top pick list!

March: 100 down It is important to remember there is only one thing that really matters on your wedding day.

April: Keeping Austin (weddings) Weird Maybe I am a little biased, but hey – I was on TV!

May: To all the DIY brides out there With a lackluster economy more brides feel the need to do everything themselves.  And this post talks about what is okay to do – and what you really should leave to the professionals.

June: Bridesmaids Understanding the dynamics of your bridal party is essential to a Carefree wedding day.

July:  Exit Strategy Looking back, July had a lot of good, informative posts.  But having an exit strategy is so important, I think it was the best of the month.

August: When Zombies Attack Not only are the zombie engagement photos awesome, but this post reminds you to have fun and be creative with your engagement photos.

September: A Moment for Reflection For me, the Reflection Dance has changed weddings forever.

October: Bid Your Wish for Wedded Bliss because Wish Upon a Wedding is a charity that I feel very strongly about – and relish each opportunity to forward their message along.

November: Excuse me while I repeat myself once again illustrating the importance of not only hiring a Day of Coordinator, but why you should be clear on your expectations.

December: This post!  If this is your first time to my blog, what a great introduction to my top blog posts of 2011.  Welcome!

Be Carefree,





About bethecarefreebride

I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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