Photography Dreams

Photo by Big Box Photography

Magan knows the importance of a good DJ.  A good DJ will read the crowd and get your guests out of their seats – even if you swore no one would want to dance at your wedding.  He (or she) will emcee your event with ease and will feel like a guest with a microphone – rather than someone you paid to be there.

But also important is a great photographer.  You need someone to capture the moments of your day from start to finish.  As I have said before, you should love your wedding professionals.  But it is especially important to love the professionals that will be with you the entire day (like your DoC, DJ, and photographer).

And especially your photographer as this is a person that will be shadowing you ALL DAY LONG.  Now a good photographer will fade into the background during your reception but she (or he) is still there – and if you don’t like him (or her) you won’t be able to relax and your photos will reflect that.

Magan was excited when she found Caleb at Big Box Photography.  Even though he was at the upper end of her photography budget she really liked him and his photos.  She felt a connection with him.  And that is essential.

We had fun with Caleb on her wedding day – every time I looked in his direction he was taking a photo.  But it wasn’t until after the wedding that I found out some unsettling news.  Magan told me she and Darrell didn’t pose for any photos – just the two of them.  And we had even made some cute signs for her to use!  She contacted Caleb the next day to express her concerns and he assured her he had plenty of photos of her and Darrell.  I assured her that the candids are usually the best photos anyway – although I was disappointed for her that she didn’t have any posed photos.

It’s been a month since her wedding and she still hasn’t received any photos from Caleb.  While I remain hopeful that her photos will be gorgeous and that she will have many to choose from of her and Darrell, I can’t help but be a little concerned.  All it would take is one photo to ease her mind right now.

I don’t place all the blame on Caleb for the lack of posed photos.  Her DoC should have ensured they were taken.  I always have a must have photo list and I stay with my Bride and Groom until all their must haves are taken.

Request a sneak peek photo from your photographer before you book him (or her) and if they don’t agree, I suggest moving on to the next name on your list. I understand it takes time for a photographer to cull through the hundreds of photos taken, but request they send you just one within a week of your wedding.

It’s surprising how far just one photo can go.

Be Carefree,


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