The Printed Vintage

Photo by Big Box Photography

I don’t always recommend Save the Dates.  If you have a tight budget they are a perfect item to skip – and Save the Money instead.  You should send Save the Dates if: you have a majority of guests traveling, your wedding will be during a holiday, or if you are planning a destination wedding.  Because the main reason you send a Save the Date is to give your guests time to save money to pay for their travel – and of course to mark the date on their calendar.

To be honest, I didn’t think Magan needed them.  But she wanted them and it was her wedding so she had them.  She chose a Save the Date before deciding on her style – or choosing her invitations.

Merging the style of her Save the Date from – which had a tree with their initials carved on it – with her vintage vibe was a bit unnerving at first.  But with a little persistence and help from etsy she found the PERFECT invitation.

It looked like a chapter page from a book and had a large tree on top. It even had an aged look about it – the perfect merge of vintage, books, and the tree from her Save the Date.  And I can take no credit for it…Magan found it.

For the program, she purchased a large canvas and a friend painted the program.  The coloring matched her invitations.  The canvas was placed on an easel just inside the door as guests came in.  This was a great green wedding idea – no paper waste from unused or left behind programs.  Plus she can hang it in her home as a reminder of her wedding day if she wants.

And who wouldn’t want that?

Be Carefree,


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