The Ceremony Dilemma

Photo by Big Box Photography

You may have noticed that I previously mentioned the one thing Magan knew she wanted about her wedding was an outdoor ceremony.  But you may have also noticed I mentioned the Flour Mill is not really outdoor friendly.  So that poses a problem, right?

But that wasn’t all.  Darrell didn’t really have much of an opinion about the wedding – like most men, he just really wanted to get married and didn’t really care how that happened.  Actually that isn’t exactly true.  He didn’t care about the décor but he did have strong feelings about the ceremony.  He wanted to get married in a church by his childhood pastor.

But Magan wanted outside and me to officiate.  However she was willing to compromise.  He could have his pastor if I wrote the ceremony – which he agreed to if his pastor was okay with it (and he was).  As for the church, well there just wasn’t room in the budget for that.

And since we didn’t have a good location outside, we would have to use the reception space for the ceremony requiring an expensive room flip.  And with the room being so industrial, finding a good spot to have the ceremony was slightly problematic.  There is a large metal bay door at one end.  That wouldn’t look good in photos.  And the wall at the center of the room was marred by exposed pipes, a junction box, and window unit air conditioners.

After discussing our options, we decided to go for the center wall and we would think of something to disguise the less desirable features.  Which was made even more complicated by the fact that the venue did not have a ladder for us to use, nor did they know the height of the available curtain rod.  So we guessed.  And I am proud to say we guessed perfectly!

We found a nice champagne fabric with a slight sheen to it and purchased three sections of 4 yards each.  We found curtain hooks with an alligator clip so nothing had to be sewed and we used a different hook to attach those to the curtain rod because we could not remove it to slide the first hooks on.  The length worked out perfectly with just a little puddling at the bottom.

And to dress it up a little more, we added 5 black lanterns hanging at various heights by a shimmering champagne ribbon.  And we used electric tea lights – safety first!

The aisle was lined on either side with a thick blanket of pale rose petals with alternating pillar candles and more lanterns in different styles.  It was really lovely.

More vintage touches next time…

Be Carefree,


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