The Beginning

Me and the gorgeous Bride! Photo by Big Box Photography

I’ve been talking about my friend Magan’s wedding for months – and it finally happened.  I’ve been keeping certain aspects under wraps because I didn’t want any spoilers getting out there.  And I’ve been waiting to post since the wedding because I really wanted photos to add to the posts (are you listening Caleb?).  But I have decided I can wait no longer.

I’d like to start at the beginning.   This wedding was a unique experience for me.  I wasn’t just Magan’s wedding planner – I was also a bridesmaid.  So I wasn’t just giving her professional advice, I was also looking at everything from a friend’s point of view.  You wouldn’t think that would matter but it did.  There were times when the practical planner in me was watching the budget – but the friend in me wanted to encourage spending (“it’s only $10 – you have to get it!”).

I also had the pleasure of really helping to shape her wedding vision.  I’m not sure Magan had a clear vision from the beginning except she wanted an outdoor ceremony and an overall Austin-vibe.  Which made this one of my bigger challenges as well – Magan’s wedding was in the Dallas area, McKinney to be exact.  I had to rely more on my internet searching skills and less on my contacts.

And once again that leads me to encourage you to check out Wedding Wire if you haven’t already.  Wedding Wire is a great resource for finding your local vendors – especially helpful if you are planning a destination wedding.   In addition to vendor information, you can also find reviews from former couples and vendor endorsements.  I love this feature of Wedding Wire!

Ultimately we found her venue through an internet search…and to be honest I can no longer remember which site led us to it. She chose the Flour Mill, a relatively new venue in an historic…well…flour mill.  It is a really unique location with updates being made to make it even more event friendly but still retaining the historic charm.  The only negative thing I can say is it doesn’t really have pretty landscaping.  It is very urban and industrial – which makes for some really cool editorial style shots but isn’t exactly cut out for an outdoor ceremony.

So that’s where we started.  Having the venue in place made it easier for us to determine the direction to go.  Stay tuned to see how we brought in other elements to flesh out the vintage vision.

Be Carefree,



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