A Moment for Reflection

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As I mentioned in a recent post, sometimes the most difficult part of your wedding is convincing your guests to leave.  Again, this is a good thing because it means your guests are having so much fun they don’t want to leave.  But, your wedding professionals need to pack up and your venue needs to lock up – or you have to pay extra…so how do you get them out?

Having an exit plan is a must.  But it doesn’t solve everything.  I recently met with a DJ that just might have the solution I have been looking for – and I will begin recommending it to all my couples from now on.  What is this magical cure-all for ridding your reception of the clingers you ask?  A Reflection Dance!

I always suggest a Last Dance – it can be a dance song or a slow song depending on which note you want to end your evening on.  And typically an effort is made to get everyone on the dance floor with much emphasis being placed on it being the LAST DANCE.

But Jim Goodman of JaBel Productions in Dallas/Ft Worth suggests one more dance after the last dance.  He calls it the Reflection Dance and it is only for the Bride and Groom.  And while they are dancing their last dance as a newly married couple, he is urging the guests to head outside for the grand exit.  Brilliant!  I’ve been doing weddings for nearly four years and I have never had anyone do this.  I bet all my exits go a lot more smoothly now.

Not only does this help facilitate the quick exit of your guests, but it is a nice, quiet, romantic moment for you and your groom to end your evening.  You’ve been surrounded by everyone you love all day, and now it is just the two of you.

I can’t think of a better way to end a reception.

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