When Zombies Attack

It's an engagement photo AND a family photo!

I’d like to interrupt my series on readings to talk about engagement photos.  An engagement session is a perfect way for you and your beloved to get comfortable in front of a camera – specifically one with your wedding day photographer behind it.  It is a perfect time for the three of you to get to know each other, making things far less awkward on your wedding day.

But engagement photos are so cheesy you say?  They don’t have to be.  Do you have a hobby you both enjoy?  Why not use that for your photo session?  Melanie Grizzel once did a photo session for two chefs – and they baked a cake during their session. 

Don’t really have a hobby?  Perhaps a shared interest – say a love of zombie movies.  Kudos to this couple (I am aghast that I did not think of this for my own engagement photos) and their fabulous photographer Amanda Rynda who must certainly have seen an increase in bookings as these photos are all over the internet. 

Don’t feel as though you can’t include others in your engagement photos.  My husband and I included my boys in some of our engagement photos and I love them.   Add your pet(s)!  Make the photos meaningful to you.

And what do you do with them afterward?  I love framing them and having them displayed in various places at the reception – you can never have enough.  Even better when you mix casual photos from around your home and from growing up.  Or create a guest book using your photos – if your photographer can’t create it for you (and I don’t know why he/she wouldn’t) there are plenty of online sites that can do it.  Snapfish and Scrapblog are two of my favorites.

Whatever the case is, be sure to have fun with it!

Be Carefree,



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