At Last by Lindsey Zimmerman

Lindsey has granted permission to use this poem - as long as she is credited for it.

Poetry is popular for readings – but I urge you to choose poems with personal meaning to you.  Don’t have one?  Why not write your own as a former Bride did…

When your eyes met mine, a fire lit inside

You pulled at my heart like the moon pulls the tide

I had waited so long for someone so real

Nothing prepared me, for what you made me feel

Desire and hope tangled in my heart

Like a glue for the pieces that had once been torn apart

The simplest action, like looking at your face

Was all my soul needed, to know I’d found my place

At last I had found you, like my favorite song

At last I could love someone, all my life long

You’ve touched my soul and made me feel new

By showing me love that is solid and true

So every day forward, from now until the end

I will cherish the love of my very best friend

I will hold your hand and shoulder your tears

I will protect your happiness and quiet your fears

Any sorrow and worry can be left in our past

For we have found one another, and true love…

                         “At Last”

Be Carefree,



About bethecarefreebride

I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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