Choosing Readings

Sometimes when I write a ceremony it just feels short.  The length of the ceremony is completely up to the couple – I’ve had a two-minute ceremony and I’ve done ceremonies up to 20 minutes.  Most fall somewhere in the middle.  But if you are a no-nonsense couple – you really just want to say “I do” – how do you avoid the “I blinked and I missed it” ceremony?

A good way to add some length to your ceremony is through readings.  I don’t think you should add readings for the sake of adding filler – they should have meaning to you.  Or to the reader.  Make it special or you may as well leave it out.

A reading is also a great opportunity to include someone in your wedding that couldn’t be in your wedding party for some reason.  Perhaps it is a favorite relative or a long-lost friend with whom you’ve recently reconnected.  Just be sure they are up to the challenge – not everyone is comfortable with public speaking.

I am often asked for ideas for readings.  As I currently have a break in my usually busy schedule, I thought I would write a series of posts about readings I have included in past ceremonies.  Some will be religious, some will be humourous, but all were heartfelt for the couple.  If you don’t find one that fits you in the upcoming posts, I hope you at least find inspiration to find your own.

Be Carefree,



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