Bachelorette Parties

Me with the Bride-to-Be. Yes, I have temporarily dyed my hair pink. 🙂

Planning a Bachelorette party can be a daunting task…believe me, I know!  I just returned from a weekend in Dallas for a Bachelorette Extravaganza.  And I am still recovering…

If you are planning a BP, be sure to consult with the Bride to see what she would like.  Does she want to go all out crazy or is a dinner with close friends more her ideal?  Be considerate and avoid the dreaded Bridezilla.  Need some ideas?

Take a class.  I’m a big fan of Groupon – and since I am in Dallas frequently I check for Dallas deals as well as Austin.  Months ago there was a Dallas Groupon for a Private Party for up to 15 people at The Girls Room.  There was a choice of class types – I chose Burlesque – and luckily my friend was up for it.  We had a great time but be prepared to sweat – it is hard!  Especially if you aspire to be as good a dancer as Elaine (like me).

Have a Panty Party.  There are companies that will do a private in-home party for you – and the Bride gets points for everything the guests buy.  Or just do it yourself – be creative with the menu and research some fun (and maybe slighty naughty) games to play.

Sing!  It is no secret that I am a fan of karaoke…we had karaoke at our wedding rather than dancing.  This can be so much fun – and if you haven’t checked out the private karaoke rooms at The Highball, you are missing out.

Get a drink!  Bar hopping is a time-honored past-time of Bachelorettes and with good reason. But please be responsible – have a designated driver or take a cab.  No one wants the party to end in tragedy.

Go Hunting.  Have a Scavenger Hunt!  We did this as part of the Bachelorette Extravaganza and it was a lot of fun!  One of the bridesmaids bought this gift bag and the Bride did her best to do everything on the bag – both sides!

Relax.  Maybe drinking isn’t her thing and she’s too shy to have a Panty Party.  Plan a day at a spa!  It can be a lot of fun to have manis, pedis, and facials while surrounded by friends remembering good times.

Whatever you do, have fun!  Don’t be stuck to a rigid time-table.  And DON’T do it the night before the wedding!  She made need some time to recover…

Be Carefree,





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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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