The Vineyard at Florence

The back of the main building is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding and reception.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rachael and Sean held their reception at The Vineyard at Florence.  I felt this gorgeous venue deserved a post all its own.

Though it is a bit of a drive, the location is well worth it.  The property is stunning.  This is definitely more of an outdoor venue though there is a covered pavilion available and small indoor rooms more suitable for intimate weddings.

Things I love about this property?  Other than how lovely it is, there is a spa available for Brides only – how fun would that be to have a spa all to yourself (and your bridal party) on your wedding day?  The main building is decorated with art from local artists and is available for purchase.  There are villas available to rent – for either your out-of-town guests, those that like to party and won’t want to drive home, or for you and your beloved to spend your wedding night.  And here’s a built-in anniversary gift idea – why not return for your anniversary and stay where you were married?

The staff at the Vineyard was wonderful as well.  From Shawna the bartender that knew how to properly prepare the margarita mix for the machines (which I clearly didn’t) to Shawna the venue coordinator (yes a different Shawna – though I can’t be sure they spell their names the same – sorry ladies!) who helped with everything else, this was a staff concerned with ensuring the reception ran as smoothly as possible.  “That can’t be done” was clearly not in their vocabulary.

Whether you are a wine lover or are just looking for a great locale, take a drive out to Florence.  And tell Shawna I sent you.

You’ll be glad you did.

Be Carefree,




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One Response to The Vineyard at Florence

  1. Awww, thanks Suzanne, you and your staff were amazing and I really look forward to working again with you very soon.

    (Blonde Shawna) LOL.

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