Cheers – Betty Parker


I love this shot of their rings on a page from the ceremony. Photo by Thomas Meredith


I would like to thank you & your team for all the hard work on Sunday.  It made our day so much more relaxing to know that you, Magan & Kelli were there to handle all of the details. Kelli did a wonderful job on the centerpieces.

Thank you for officiating a beautiful & memorable ceremony for Lana & Robert.  All the best to you.

Betty Parker,  Mother of the Bride – Lana Hoskins


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One Response to Cheers – Betty Parker

  1. Kelly Little says:

    Awww, you’re most welcome! I know I had a fantastic time helping out 🙂 If you read this, I hope for a lifetime of love and joy for the two of you and your soon to be third!

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