Updating an old favorite

Elise and Justin on the Lakeview Terrace at Villa Antonia. Photo by Allison Notgrass with Focal Pointe Photographics.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to an Open House at Villa Antonia the other evening.  There are new owners now – the daughter (Lynn) and son-in-law (Lewis) of the original owner.

Evidently the last few months had been less than perfect at the Villa – I hadn’t been there in a while so I can’t really attest to that (in fact this was the first I’d heard).  So Lynn wanted to hold an Open House for couples as well as wedding professionals – a chance to show off the upgrades and to reassure everyone the Villa is returning to its former glory.

Sadly there was other news as well.  Michaja has left Villa Antonia due to medical issues.  And while I am saddened that I won’t see her smiling face there anymore, there is a bright side for me as well. Up to now, my involvement at the Villa has been strictly as an Officiant.  It’s not that I was discouraged as a Day of Coordinator, but I wasn’t exactly encouraged either.  And Michaja and her staff were so good at what they did, I’m not that sure I was needed.

Even better?  Lynn has announced that couples that have a Day of Coordinator or Wedding Planner will receive a $500 discount!  Who doesn’t love that?

As I mentioned, they have been hard at work making improvements to the property.  Improving the already gorgeous landscape, paving the road, and adding a fresh coat of paint here and there.  They’ve recently purchased new tables and chairs that are included in the property rental.  There are other plans as well but I’ll wait to unveil those as they happen.

Planning a December wedding?  It seems Lynn’s other business is holiday decorating and she has lots of amazing sounding plans for the holiday season.  I’m told the decor will be white and gold so as to blend with any wedding color scheme…and think of the money you can save on decorating!  I can’t wait to see what she has planned.

I attended this Open House with my friend Sabrina of Sabrina Nicole Photography – and I am so glad I did!  I’ve always thought this was one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Central Austin – now I know it is!  One of the Villa’s employees showed us around to some secret and not so secret photo opp locations around the Villa.  I had no idea how truly gorgeous this place is – believe me when I say the website photos do not do it justice. 

The downside to Villa Antonia is that it is not for the budget-minded couple.  However if it is within your range, it is well worth it!  If you have not yet settled on your wedding venue check it out.  You must see it in person.  And please be sure to let them know I sent you.

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