Get Fit!

Looking to get in shape? Mike will help!

Be honest: within days (hours?) of getting engaged, did you think to yourself “I’ve got to lose weight!” or “I better get in shape!”?  I don’t mean to imply anyone NEEDS to, only that many of us are not satisfied with how we look.  And every Bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day.

It happened to me the first time I got married.  I got engaged and started working out every morning.  I was dedicated to it.  I lost 25 – 30 pounds and was in the best shape of my life, even though I wasn’t my thinnest.  And I stuck with it until I became pregnant and …well..bye-bye bikini body.

Then when I was about to get married a couple of years ago, I decided I should work out again.  I was especially concerned about my arms as my gown only had spaghetti straps.  I did some research and found Kelly Personal Training, and specifically Felicia.  Nine grueling weeks later I was no longer embarrassed by my arms and I looked great on my wedding day.

I stopped working out after my wedding (time and expense being my excuses).  Then I injured my back last summer and I’ve been growing concerned about whether I could continue to do weddings.  My back would be killing me by the end of a long day on my feet (I rarely sit during a 10 hour Day of Coordination).  So I recently decided to start working out again, but I was afraid of re-injuring myself.   I called Felicia (my Maid of Honor has been working out with her for over 2 years now) but she isn’t taking on any new clients right now.  But she had a perfect trainer in mind for me.

His name is Mike Baab and he has been wonderful.  He really listened to me about my limitations (in addition to the back injury, I have bad knees – I’m a mess) and has concentrated on slowly strengthening my body.  He encourages me to try things I don’t think I can do – but can! – and understands when I am truly unable.  I have my 8th workout with him this Wednesday and he has really improved my life.  I have had three Saturdays in a row of standing on my feet for 7 – 10 hours and my back has been fine!  My clothes are fitting better and I FEEL better.

Kelly Personal Training uses medical rehabilitation equipment in an intense 30 minute workout once a week.  Mike embellishes his workouts with other workout methods – he borrows from Pilates as well as his NFL background.  Every workout is different and I actually look forward to my weekly workout.  Not because I enjoy the workout itself, but I know how much my body has improved…and I’m only getting better.

There are other great trainers at Kelly Personal Training but obviously I am a fan of Mike’s.  Your first TWO sessions are FREE!  If you like it, you can purchase additional sessions and if you pre-pay for six, Mike will throw in the seventh for FREE if you tell him you heard about him here.

I’m not promising a quick weight loss solution.  But if you want to be in better shape and improve your health, this is a great start.  Do yourself a favor and call Mike today.

Be Carefree,



About bethecarefreebride

I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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