Keeping Austin (weddings) Weird

Matthew Louzau was an excellent Impressive Clergyman - Photo by Susanne Michelle Photography

Back in March I received an email from a producer at KXAN – the local NBC affiliate in Austin.  She said they were planning a piece on weird weddings and wondered if I had any to share.

The only “weird” wedding I could think of was The Marples which I had just officiated the previous weekend.  But I told her I didn’t think it was that weird since I’d had the same thing in my ceremony.

A couple of weeks passed and I didn’t hear from her.  I assumed that was the end of the story.  Then I received an email asking if I could send her a link to my wedding video – which I promptly did.

Several days went by.  Once again, I assumed it wasn’t weird enough.  Then I got a call saying she loved the video and could they use it?  And would I do an on-camera interview?

On April 28th the story finally aired.  My wedding was the lead-in which is awesome!  I wish he had mentioned One Fine Day Weddings (a little free publicity never hurt anyone) but I am pleased to have been a part of it.  If you would like to see the entire ceremony (it’s good – I promise!) you can view it on my YouTube channel here.

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