Here comes the pie!

My favorite was "It's Got Bacon!" - possibly because it was so unexpected!

Are you looking for a little something different for your wedding day?  Do you love pie in all its flaky forms?  Have I got an idea for you!

I was recently contacted by Emily of The Pie Society…as a perk of being a wedding professional I am sometimes contacted by other wedding professionals asking if I would like to sample their wares.  Would I like to try some pie?  Yes please!

Once we had our schedules sorted out, Emily was kind enough to deliver an assortment of her adorable and tasty Crimps.  Not only was Emily a fun person to get to know, you can immediately tell she is passionate about her fledgling business.  And although I have not had the pleasure of working with her in connection with a wedding, her Crimps are mighty tasty!

What is a Crimp you ask?  Crimps are mini, bite-sized pies.  Her company can also do full size pies but I love how fun these little guys are.  Emily told me that not only does she offer the flavors she brought me, but they are constantly at work to expand their selection.  Have a favorite pie flavor she doesn’t offer?  Let her know and she will work on perfecting one for your special event.

Even better?  Her flavors are not restricted to traditional fruit or creme pies! What a fun passed appetizer for your cocktail hour!  My 13-year-old twins were eager to help with the taste testing.  I tried “It’s Got Bacon!” filled with bacon, creme cheese, green onions and jalapenos – and it wasn’t too spicy!  My boys loved “Margherita” (as in the pizza) .  Other delicious samples included “She’s My Cherry”, “Apple of My Eye”, “PB & Chocolate”, and “CooCoo for Coconut”.  My boys couldn’t even pick a favorite.

The Pie Society is based here in Austin although Emily indicated she would be willing to deliver to Dallas if the timing was right (and the order large enough).  So if you are looking for a different appetizer or want to add a new twist to the dessert table, give Emily a call.  And tell her I sent you. 😉

Be Carefree,



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