A Nail Update

Last month I posted about this wonderful new gel manicure  that I discovered on a trip to Dallas.  I was enamoured of the fact that I can now have color on my nails without worrying about the color chipping or having to paint my nails every day (I actually went through a phase in my life when I did this – and no, it wasn’t that long ago).  My first manicure lasted 3 weeks without a single chip in color or broken nail.  I am sure it would have lasted longer but I was eager to try a new color (and the growth showed quite a bit at the base of my nails).

I found a new nail salon in Cedar Park but unfortunately I was unhappy with the results.  The staff was very friendly and the shop was clean but the first attempt at a French manicure was sloppy and uneven.  After a couple of days I was so unhappy with it I decided to go back and requested a re-do which they happily did.  This time I opted to go with a light lavender – at least that’s how it looked in the bottle.  It was actually almost clear with a slight iridescence.  And although they looked better, they still weren’t great.

So, I have decided not to endorse that particular salon, no matter how much I liked them on a personal level.  The quest for a new nail salon was on.

This weekend I returned to a salon near my home, again in Cedar Park.  I’ve been there before for the occasional pedi but didn’t realize they did gel manicures too.  This time I chose a dark (almost black) purple for my nails – a bit dramatic for spring I know but I love it!  My nails look great and I am once again happy with having a color on my nails.

The salon is called Salon Studio and is located at 700 East Whitestone Blvd in Cedar Park.  The price was $30 – about average it seems – and since the color will last 2 – 3 weeks I think it is well worth it.

So if you are in Austin and looking for a great place for gel manicures, stop by and ask for Wade.  Tell him I sent you. 😉

Be Carefree,



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