Shower Types


So the best thing about getting married is committing to the love of your life. The 2nd best thing? Presents!

After writing my last post, and some questions from some brides, I decided I should take a moment and write about the different types of showers.


Bridal Shower – This is a party specifically for the Bride-to-Be – dating back from when she would be going from her parents’ home to living with her husband.  A Bridal Shower is usually a Lingerie (or some variation of) theme though it can also be centered on a room in the home (Kitchen Shower, Bathroom Shower). If you are going über traditional, this gift is in addition to a wedding gift.

Wedding Shower – Meant more for the couple.  Gifts are given at the shower rather than mailed to the couple’s home or given at the wedding*.  Popular at workplaces so usually not a lot of gameplay.

Couples Shower – Obviously meant for the couple – so they both have to be there.  Guests are also invited in couples.  Games definitely have to be male friendly.  Gifts are given at the shower and guests are not expected to bring a gift to the wedding.

Be Carefree,


*For the record, guests are not actually supposed to bring a gift to the wedding.  Instead, mail the gift to the couple ahead of time or give them their gift at a shower.  It isn’t gauche to bring a gift to the wedding, just think about logistics in getting home all the decor, baggage, and gifts – and they are leaving on their honeymoon!


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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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