The Ellisons

Not a dry eye I tell you.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do?? 

This past Saturday marked my return to Sage Hall at Texas Old Town in Kyle.  Only this time I had the honor of officiating for Gina and Keith. 

The ceremony was held outside with the bridal party under the covered…porch?…gazebo?…pavillion?…(hmmm…none of those feel quite right) and the guests seated on the lawn.  The groom and I walked out first, and it was only then that I found out that one of the photographers was Keith’s mother!  We crossed over the little brook on a wooden foot bridge and paused a moment for a photo – and she told him how proud she was of him and that she loved him.  So sweet.

Then came the bridal party with the groomsmen escorting the bridesmaids (the bottom of the bridge was a little too sloped and the ladies appreciated the steady arm).  The groom and his party were all in black tuxedos with black shirts – and for the life of me I can’t remember their ties as I wrote this.  Hopefully I will get photos soon and we will know. 😉

The ladies were all in matching black cocktail dresses with a large red rose pinned at the waist on their left side.  They wore matching jewelry and amazing black strappy shoes.  They were all beautiful (and the guys were quite dashing).

Oh!  I can’t forget the adorable ring bearer dressed to match the groomsmen and the two lovely flower girls in their cream and black dresses.  They were so cute!

Gina was escorted from the Hall by her grandfather in full military dress (I wonder if there was a dry eye there?).  They were greeted by her father at the foot of the bridge and the three of them walked down the aisle together.  After escorting grandfather to her seat, Gina and her father met the rest of us at the altar.

Of course Gina looked amazing in her gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt that had just a few pick ups.  And she had the most amazing red shoes on underneath!  I could tell she was holding back the tears through the ceremony which was short, sweet and had just enough humor to keep things light.  It was perfect for them.

Gina and Keith – I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Be Carefree,



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