Random Beauty Tips

I have 3 uses for baby oil (brand doesn't matter) - search the web for even more uses!

I am no beauty expert.  But I do have a few random beauty tips I thought I would share – you may not be surprised by any of them…you may be surprised by all of them. 

Random Beauty Tip (RBT) #1 – We all know what we aren’t supposed to do to blemishes.  But sometimes they get to a point and the unthinkable must be done.  Then you are left with a scab on your face for a week!  I learned a long time ago that Neosporin speeds the healing process along.  I’m not going to call it a miracle but it definitely makes wounds heal faster.  And if I have a really important date?  I’ve been known to layer it on throughout the day (works best if you are spending the day at home) to speed the healing even more. 

RBT #2 – I love dresses.  REALLY love dresses.  But many years ago I stopped wearing them because I gained weight and…well there really is no delicate way to put this…my thighs rubbed together.  It made wearing dresses and skirts really uncomfortable and I stopped for YEARS.  I tried lotion, talcum powder, everything anyone suggested to prevent the rubbing.  Then one day I discovered a wonderful solution….I don’t recall how.  Take a bit of baby oil and rub it in on your inner thighs.  Presto!  No more rubbing or chaffing and it lasts all day! 

RBT #3 – have a red spot or blemish on your face?  Use a little green concealer to cover it up.  Be sure to blend it in, a green spot on your face could be worse than a red one. 

RBT #4 – Ever wear knee-high’s or thigh-high stockings only to have them sag?  Apply lotion to your legs first and your stockings will stay up all day!

RBT #5 – Fashion tape is a girl’s best friend.  Have a button down shirt that gaps in the center?  A little fashion tape will keep it together.  Bra straps always sliding out?  Tape them to your shirt.  I have found fashion tape works better when it is fabric to fabric but I know it can be used to hold clothes to skin as well.  I get mine at Charming Charlie and it comes in a cute little tin in pre-cut strips.  I love it!

RBT #6 – Do you shy away from water-proof mascara because it is so difficult to remove?  That same baby oil that is useful in RBT #2 is great at removing waterproof mascara!  And you get much more bang for your buck buying baby oil than a specially formulated make-up remover.

RBT #7 – I’m a very fair complected person even though I love the sun.  I’ve  often wondered why my face seemed so much paler in photos than I thought it was in real life…and I recently discovered why.  The camera flash picks up or reflects (not sure which) the titanium dioxide in the SPF and that’s why you get “ghost face”.  Please don’t misunderstand – I am a HUGE advocate for sunscreen (I wear it daily).  But if you are planning really important photos (like engagement, bridal, or wedding) skip the sunscreen for the day and stay in the shade as much as you can.

RBT #8 – Ever get deodorant on your clothes as you are getting dressed?  Why is that white mark so impossible to get out – even with water?  Fear not – my friend Jennifer taught me a little trick years ago…take the foam padding off a hanger from the dry cleaner and rub it over the white.  Works every time.

RBT #9 – Need to shave your underarms or legs but ran out of shaving gel halfway through?  Use a light coat of conditioner.  Need to shave real quick but don’t have time for a shower?  Baby oil again!  Rub a little on, shave and wipe off the excess with a wash cloth.  Now you’re clean-shaven and moisturized!

RBT #10 – Smile!  Sure, you may get a few wrinkles later in life, but they are worth it.  😉

Be Carefree,



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