Wedding Nails


This manicure is already a week old - and it still looks perfect!

I love getting my nails done!  I usually get a pedicure once a month – I love the pampering of it all (even though my feet get really ticklish with the pumice stone!)….and I believe everyone should indulge on occasion.  It is absolutely worth it.

 And although I love getting a manicure too, I don’t usually do that.  Or if I do, I only have my nails buffed – no color.  Why?  Because I rarely make it out of the parking lot without messing up a nail!  I’ve done artificial nails in the past – and I have to admit I love them.  I can get color and I don’t have to worry about messing them up on my way out of the salon…but when they come off my nails are ruined for months.  Sigh.  What’s a girl to do?
Well, last weekend I was in Dallas for some wedding planning for my friend Magan’s wedding.  She wanted to get a pedicure and since I had just gotten one the week before, I opted for a manicure.  Magan had just told me about this new manicure the girls in her office rave about so I decided to give it a try.
It’s called a Gel Manicure and I am hoping I can find someone in Austin that does it because I am in LOVE!  It’s a lengthy process – it took about an hour – because between each layer of gel you have to cure under the UV light.  But my favorite part is I can have colors!  I’m not limited to just a French Manicure or buffed nails!  And did I mention these are my real nails??
I’m told the color will last two to three weeks!  I’ve never had color polish last on my nails more than a few days.  It has been a week and my nails still look as great as the first day.  And let me tell you, I am not easy on my nails.  I type all day, I have a dog that likes to play rough, and frankly, I frequently use my nails as tools ( after all, who needs a screwdriver when you have a perfectly good nail handy?).  My nails are stronger too – I haven’t broken one all week and they are at the length that usually does break.
My understanding is I will have to go back to a salon to have the color taken off – I’ll get back to you on that.  And I will also update you on how long it really does last.  I can tell you right now I am really impressed at the end of week one.  So check back in a week for the update. 😉
I did some light research online in prepping for this post and it seems there is a little controversy surrounding the gel manicure.  If done improperly, or with poor quality knock-offs, there appears to be a small risk of nerve damage.  It also sounds like I actually had a Shellac manicure based on the descriptions I’m reading on-line.  Read another review from the Dallas Morning News here.
I think the gel manicure is a wonderful alternative for a bride that doesn’t want to get artificial nails for her wedding but still wants to get a manicure.  And if you have a tight wedding day schedule, you can have it done days beforehand without having to worry about your nails getting ruined.  It’s the best of both worlds!
Be Carefree,

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