Not your mother’s group photos

You don't have to see faces to have a great group photo. Photo by she-n-he photography.

One of my most favorite people is Melanie Grizzel of she-n-he photography.  I’ve only had the pleasure of working with her once so far but I eagerly anticipate our next shared wedding.  Not only is she delightful, her fun spirit remains in spite of adversity (the wedding we worked on was marred by a torrential downpour).  As if that isn’t enough, her photos are true works of art.  You can feel the love and joy leaping from each photo.  I get absolutely lost in her photos and secretly (shhh….don’t tell) stalk her blog.

One of the things that sets Melanie apart is the way she does group photos.  These aren’t your standard everybody-line-up-beside-the-bride-and-groom photos.  Her group shots look candid.  Like she just happened upon a moment between you and your family and caught it on film.  And the posed shots?  Well, I think they look ready for a magazine.  I wonder if her subjects feel like supermodels?

Since I am a fan, I was reading her blog the other day and she posted about her group shots.  Just about every bride I have says she doesn’t want a lot of group photos after the ceremony.  And I always have to convince her to plan for it – I try to get an hour.  The truth of the matter is, even if you take tons of photos before the ceremony there are some that just have to be done afterwards.  Even if you don’t think you want them, your mothers or grandmothers will.   Please read Melanie’s post on this subject – it is short, she let’s her photos speak for themselves. 

After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Be Carefree,



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4 Responses to Not your mother’s group photos

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m actually the bride who brought these two lovely ladies together and I HAVE to say that one of the comments I constantly get regarding my wedding photos is regarding these “not your mama’s” group shots. It makes for great talk and really fun memories to share. And yes … you do feel like a supermodel! 🙂

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