Pre-Wedding Splurges

You can still splurge - just don't do it too close to your wedding day.

Many brides look at their wedding as a great time to splurge on beauty treatments they may not normally undertake.  That isn’t always a wise decision.  Here are some things you may consider – and why you may want to reconsider.

Facials – If you have never had a facial before, now is not the time to experiment.  You have no idea how your skin may react.  Get a facial a month before your wedding.  Your skin will still benefit and will also have time to recover from any ill effects.

Massage – You want to relax before your wedding so why not get a massage and work out those kinks?  If you have never had a massage before what you may not know is how sore your body will be…and that soreness can last for days.  When you do get a massage, be sure to drinks lots of water both before and after – it really does help.

Waxing – Never had your brows waxed?  Your browline (or any other area) will be red and swollen for hours afterward, definitely not something you want to contend with on your wedding day.  Do this at least a week before.

Tanning – Everyone knows you should not go to a tanning booth…and yet we still do, don’t we?  I can’t blame anyone for wanting a fresh glow for their wedding day – or honeymoon for that matter.  But did you know the camera will pick up red tones in your skin even if the naked eye can’t? 

Self Tanners – Definitely do not try out self-tanners less than two months before your wedding.  What if it turns your skin burnt orange?  I suppose that would be okay for a UT themed wedding but that isn’t a look most brides wish for.  Try it out early so you have time to return to a more flattering shade before your wedding day.

Coloring your hair – Don’t make a drastic change to your hair just before your wedding!  You may love it, but what if you don’t?  Having your make-up applied by a professional?  She (or he) will have to choose all new colors based on your new hair color…adding stress on your wedding day.

Jenny Wible of Creative Edge Bridal has also written an excellent post on this topic from a professional make-up artist’s point of view.  Check it out!

Be Carefree,



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