The Mullikans

Now you can see why I couldn't describe the bridal bouquet by King Florist. Photo by Josh Brewster Photography.

The holidays are over and the weddings have started again.  Yay!  This weekend I had the honor of officiating for Lynsey and Nick at Shoreline Grill in downtown Austin.

Although we were a little nervous at the rehearsal due to forecasts, the weather was gorgeous.  Comfortably in the mid-60s.  The ceremony took place on the steps just outside the restaurant with Town Lake as the backdrop.

The bridal party consisted of three ladies and one gentleman – the bride’s brother.  Lynsey gave her party a color direction and let them choose what they wanted to wear – the three ladies in knee-length cocktail dresses in a pewter-y, silver-y tone and her brother in grey pants and vest.

The bride, so tiny I refer to her affectionately as a pocket person, was breathtaking in a trumpet gown that showed her flawless figure perfectly.  She was the very picture of bridal.

The groom and his party all wore suits of their choosing with Nick in grey with a green tie and the men in dark suits.  Dashing!

Now for the flowers by King Florist.  There is no way I can do them justice with a verbal description but I will try.  The flowers themselves were all off white – possibly orchids and other flowers.  What set these florals apart was the presentation.  The bridesmaids’ bouquets all had intricately crafted wire nosegays – I’ve never seen anything like it.  The boutonnieres all were a single small orchid with some greenery and a bit of the same wire – but what made them stand out for me was how they were pinned on.  Each boutonniere had a pin back – like you might see on a convention name tag.  It wasn’t visible once pinned but made them incredibly easy to pin on.  Kudos!

The wrist corsages for the mothers were also amazing – rather than an elastic band they had a wire cuff bracelet.  Super stylish and tres chic.

The bridal bouquet was simply dramatic.  I don’t even know how to describe it to you.  It was definitely a show stopper and I hope to be able to post a picture later (see above).

The ceremony was lovely and perfect.  I’m sure the reception was well received as the centerpieces were lovely and I heard the food was going to be delicious.

Lynsey and Nick – I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Be Carefree,



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