My Fair Wedding

 I can spend hours watching David Tutera on WeTV‘s My Fair Wedding.  I don’t always agree with him (like when he made a bride have her tattoos airbrushed out) but he really does beautiful work for some very lucky couples.

The frustrating thing about his show is that he takes couples with an obviously limited budget and gives them an extravagant dream wedding.  That’s good, and I am extremely happy for those couples, but anybody can do a gorgeous fantasy wedding with an unlimited budget.  Don’t let that fool you though, there is still plenty to be learned by watching David.

A theme for your wedding is extremely helpful when planning.  But less is always more!  Just because you love butterflies and rainbows does not mean you must have them covering every surface of your wedding!  Sprinkle in hints of your theme for a much more elegant and sophisticated wedding.

Do not underestimate the value of professional hair and makeup!  It is an easy element to think you can do without but his brides prove how much more beautiful they can look with professional hair and makeup!

I love the episodes when David gives an etiquette lesson.  Who doesn’t need a few pointers on which fork is which?  Simple things like taking small bites, dabbing your mouth with your napkin, or sitting up straight are good reminders to help you on your wedding day.

Hire someone else to do the grunt work on your day!  I thought David was going to fall over when a recent bride told him she and her mother-in-law planned to do all the cooking and cleaning!  Obviously she was working on a budget and felt that was a good way to save money.  But hiring a professional (like me) to take care of the details on your wedding day allows you to enjoy everything that much more.  And you deserve to enjoy your wedding day!

Speaking of deserving, you deserve your dream wedding.  You are worth it.  When one of his bride’s said she bought the first and only vintage dress she tried on because she didn’t think she should spend that much money on herself – I died.  I understand budgets better than most wedding planners probably.  But for a bride to deny herself a beautiful gown because she doesn’t think she is worth it??  There are affordable gowns for the bride on a budget – check out eBay, consignment shops, rental stores (yes, you can rent a wedding dress – my sister did!), and wedding specific re-sale stores like Designer Exchange located right here in Austin.

Space planning a wedding is not as easy as you think.  What seems like a really big space can feel really crowded if you don’t have a good handle on how many people can comfortably fit in a space.  This is another example of when a wedding planner or day-of coordinator comes in handy.

Don’t be discouraged by his beautiful weddings thinking there is no way you can ever afford anything like that.  Maybe you can’t,  but you can use his ideas as inspiration.  Find ways to take an element of his weddings and make it more reasonable or practical for you and your budget.  Ask your wedding professionals for help…explain what you love about David’s wedding and see the alternatives they can come up with.  Maybe you will be surprised and love the alternative even more.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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