Internet searches

Use every resource you can to find the perfect wedding venue.

 So you know what kind of venue you want but have no idea how to go about finding it?  You’ve exhausted all your resources (family and friends) and still haven’t found the perfect location?  Time to hit the internet!

Of course you should begin your search on wedding websites.  Obviously the knot is a good place to start, as is Wedding Wire.  But don’t assume every venue that is available is advertising on a wedding website.  The truth is, it isn’t cheap to advertise on some of those sites and smaller (or newer) venues – and other wedding professionals – may not be able to afford it.  This is a good thing for you!  If they aren’t advertising on the web, their prices may be much more affordable.  But if they aren’t advertising on the web, how are you supposed to find them?

No matter what the search engines say, they are not all alike or all-inclusive.  The same keyword search on will bring up different results on google and yahoo.  So spend some time and use them all.

Try different variations – affordable wedding venues in Austin area will bring up different results than affordable Austin area wedding venues.  If you know you want a waterfront wedding, make sure you put that in your search.

I like to skip a few pages when doing a search.  You know the first few pages will be the most popular (and most likely expensive) venues…scrolling through a few pages may be well worth it.   You just may find an undiscovered gem!

Of course you shouldn’t avoid the first couple of pages – those wedding professionals are at the top because of popularity and you definitely want someplace that will live up to your standards. 

Finding the perfect venue will not be an easy task but it can be done.  A lot of time and research will help you locate the venue of your dreams.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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