Green Wedding Ideas

The favor that gives back. Photo by Matt Montalvo Photography

 We are living in an eco-friendly time.  Brides of all ages are looking for ways to add a  touch of green to their wedding.  Maybe you like the idea of being green but just can’t think of how to incorporate it into your wedding.

One way is through your favors.  How about something that grows – like a sapling, seed bombs, or simply live plants?  Check out Botanical Paperworks – they sell plantable favors, invitations, and thank you cards!  What a unique idea!

Invitations and other stationary – if you can’t find something plantable, at least look for things printed on recycled paper.  That is increasingly easy to do and seems silly not too.

Try to have elements that serve double duty – your program on the back of a fan, place cards that double as favors.  Or reduce the number of items you print by having one menu per table rather than at each place setting or a program for every other person.  Or how about a large menu at the entrance of the reception room?

Instead of response cards, maybe you can direct your guests to RSVP on your wedding website.  Not only will this save on printing costs and reduce paper usage (and waste) but you’ll save on postage too.

Forgo favors altogether and donate to a charity in your guests’ names.  You could even have a voting system – one couple had a few charities to choose from and asked their guests to put a marble in a vase corresponding to the charity of their choice during cocktail hour – it actually created a lovely centerpiece (and they donated to all the charities but split the money accordingly).  You can also ask guests to donate on your behalf in lieu of gifts.

Talk to your wedding professionals.  See what they can do to help you be green too.

Be Carefree,



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