Trash the Dress

This couple gives all new meaning to "taking the plunge"! Photo by Tater Tots Photography

 You’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars on the wedding gown of your dreams…have you thought about what to do with it afterwards?

Of course you can have it preserved and store it for your future daughter to wear on her wedding day.  There are plenty of resources available – I would check first with your dry cleaner if it is someone you trust.  Keep in mind it will need to be properly stored as well. 

If you aren’t the sentimental type, or maybe your gown is too trendy or you don’t plan to have children (or you only have boys), you might consider selling it on consignment or on eBay.  But it is hard to sell a gown that has been tailored specifically to your body – and even harder years after your wedding.  And don’t expect to get the full price you paid for it – consider yourself lucky if you get 50%.

Maybe your gown is more casual or not overtly a wedding gown and you intend to wear it again in the future – kudos to you!  I think it is wonderful when wedding attire can be worn afterwards – and you will always remember your wedding day when you wear it!

But finally, consider doing a Trash the Dress photo session. These can be some of the best photos of you in your wedding gown.  The bride pictured above was a real bride of mine from this past August – and she was clearly very brave!  (I still can’t believe they jumped off that cliff!) It doesn’t have to be anything that drastic – this suited them and I love that the groom is in the photo as well.  Why not have a session at the park with your dog?  In the swimming pool?  Hiking?  What is an outdoor activity that you and your groom love to do?  I’m sure your photographer will be happy to offer suggestions as well.

Besides, you get to wear your wedding dress at least one more time.

Be Carefree,



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