Favor ideas

These place card holders doubled as favors - and we only had a few left.

 So you’ve decided to do favors but you have no idea what to do?  Maybe some of these ideas will get your creative juices flowing…

A Photo Booth – I love love love a photo booth at a wedding! There are many companies in Austin (like Say Cheese) that offer this service – they will bring the photo booth, provide a person to man the photo booth, accessories for your guests to dress up in, and some will even provide a scrapbook for your guests to immediately add their photo strip and a comment to!  Usually two sets of pictures are included so your guest can keep one for themselves – thus making it a great favor.  This also solves the guest book question.  I can’t tell you how much fun this is…if I could change just one thing about my wedding I would have added a photo booth.

A Candy Bar – These are so much fun and very affordable!  Stock up on all of your favorite candies and display them in assorted apothecary jars on a table during your reception or cocktail hour.  Provide your guests with plastic bags, paper cones, or boxes and let them fill them up!  You can even print some stickers with your names and date to put on the to go containers to personalize it more.  I promise all of your guests will love this.

Anything Edible – Really and truly if you want to give a favor you know your guests will love, make it edible.  Cookies from Tiff’s Treats, personalized wine from Water to Wine, or candy bars with personalized wrappers.  Even if all of your guests don’t like it, there will be plenty that will be happy to take someone else’s share.  It is rare that I have edible favors leftover at a wedding.

Centerpieces – What are you going to do with all of those centerpieces anyway?  Have your DJ announce your guests are welcome to take home the centerpieces or make it a bit of a game…look for the dot under your plate/chair/program and you take home the centerpiece.  Or have your centerpiece be a cluster of arrangements so each person at the table can take it home.  Make sure your florist doesn’t need the vases back!

Make it personal – if you do want to give something different, make sure it has meaning.  Photo frames are always good (but only if they aren’t too cheap or theme-y) and they can double as place card holders.  Theme-y is fine – but know that it may not appeal to everyone and you may have leftovers.

Brainstorm for ideas with family and friends and don’t forget your Day of Coordinator! But don’t stress about it – if you can’t think of something don’t force it!  Your favors should be a reflection of you – they should give you and your guests joy.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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