The Great Favor Debate

We had luggage tag wedding favors - and had a lot left over.

To give wedding favors or not to give wedding favors? Originally wedding favors were given to guests as a token of appreciation for celebrating the day with them.  Some cultures have traditions regarding wedding favors – rich in symbolism and history.  But what if you aren’t traditional?

First of all you should know that it is an option.  If your budget is tight, cutting out wedding favors is a great way to keep your budget down.  Guests do not expect a wedding favor and will not miss it.  And it is true, sometimes they will be left on the table.

If you do choose to give wedding favors, choose carefully.  Make it personal to you and your groom and find a way to communicate that to your guests.  I’ve mentioned before the idea of tying it into your ceremony….like the couple that wanted to give saplings to their guests and had a tree ceremony.  Don’t give something random just for the sake of giving favors.

Last spring I had a bride that was upset because the on-site coordinator told her she couldn’t do favors.  Her OSC had told her nobody does favors any more and that it was a waste of money.  And those that did favors always ended up with too many left overs at the end of the night.  Not only did this bride want to do favors, but she had already ordered them!

First I told her to do what she wanted to do.  This particular bride had ordered Godiva Chocolates for her guests – I assured her that she would not be stuck with boxes of leftovers at the end of the evening (even if I had to sacrifice myself and take some home). We even incorporated her favors in a Wine and Chocolate ceremony during the ceremony to make it even more special.  And for the record, there wasn’t a single box of chocolates left at the end of the night.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something at your wedding.  If you have the budget, and it’s legal, you can do it. 😉

Be Carefree,



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