Save the Dates and Invitations

As with many of my post topics, this one was inspired by a question from a bride-to-be.  She wanted to know how far in advance to send the Save the Dates, when to send the invitations, and when to set the RSVP date.

Save the Date – if your wedding is going to require a lot of travel for your guests (either it is a destination wedding or you have a lot of out-of-towners) or if your wedding will be during a holiday weekend, I recommend sending Save the Dates.  You are the best judge of how much advance planning your guests need, but I would say six months is more than ample time.  Anything more than that and it is unlikely your guests will make note of it.  You may be planning your wedding a year in advance but they probably aren’t.

Invitations – should be sent out 4 – 6 weeks in advance.  Any more advance than that and you run the risk of them setting aside the invitation and forgetting about it.  Which is bad if you want them to RSVP.

RSVP – know that you will be lucky if 50% of your guests actually RSVP.  Some people think that if they don’t RSVP you will assume they won’t come – others think it means you assume they will come!  Your caterer will likely give you a final head count date – add a week to that and make that your RSVP date.  Why add a week?  So you have time to call everyone that hasn’t RSVP’d and ask them if they are coming…

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