Make an entrance

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By now we’ve all seen the video of the wedding party dancing down the aisle.  That was fun, but now that it has been done everyone expects it.  Looking for a way to add some personality to your wedding ceremony? How about some of these fun ideas…

1. Are you having a flower girl? Make sure she has enough petals to carpet the aisle – too often I see flower girls afraid they will run out of petals and they barely end up dropping any.  Why not ask her to skip down the aisle instead of a slow somber walk?  She could toss lavender  or confetti high in the air or blow bubbles.  Having a fall wedding?  Why not have her toss colorful leaves instead of flower petals?

2.  Having an outdoor wedding?  A recent bride’s father escorted her with a Battenberg lace parasol.  It was quite lovely and really made an ahhh moment.  Lace not really your thing?  Parasols come in a variety of styles and colors – you might find something that suits you perfectly!

3.  Don’t be limited to one escort.  So many families today are less than traditional…mom, dad, step-dad, step-mom, Aunt Mary, Uncle Joe, your grandparents….anyone that had a big impact on your life can be an escort for you.  If you have a long aisle, you could have grandma and grandpa start you down the aisle, be met by Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe, then your father or step-father.  This example may be a little over the top, but hopefully you get the idea.

4.  Speaking of giving away: when the officiant asks “who gives this bride to be married” why not have all of your family members stand up and say “We do!”.

5.  Give your groom a moment to shine.  So often the groom and his party come in from the side, a stealthy entrance when all eyes are diverted elsewhere.  Why can’t he have a grand entrance too?  Most of the day the focus is on the bride – let him share a moment in the spotlight.  I promise he won’t outshine you.

6. Music music music!  Why not walk down the aisle to something a little less traditional?  I had a bride this summer walk out to “Going to the Chapel”.  Everyone loved it!  More and more couples are having fun with their recessional music but don’t forget about the processional as well.  Is your song not really wedding appropriate?  You’d be surprised how just about any song is suddenly appropriate in an instrumental version.

Hopefully these ideas can help jump-start your imagination.  Remember – you are not a cookie cutter couple so don’t have a cookie cutter ceremony!

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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