Photos (and photographers) – Part I

Photo by Susanne Michelle Photography

Wedding day photos.  I love them!  I have over 2000 professional photos from my wedding day – I still can’t edit it down to a reasonable number to print for an album!  There is one thing I learned from my wedding that I want to pass along to the masses…

…have a must have photo list!  These are the photos you want to be sure to get – your favorite cousin, your BFF from high school (elementary school, college), the rings, the back of your dress, the perfect shoes that took forever to find…the list can be long or short.  Please don’t assume you (or your photographer) will remember or know which shots to get.  Sure you will have the traditional family and bridal party photos but if you don’t specify that you want one with each of your bridesmaids – or groomsmen – individually, it may not happen.  I’m not suggesting you have a list of 500 specific shots that you want.  But if you have something that you know you want a picture of, or a person you want a photo with, please do yourself a favor and make the list.  Your photographer will be happy to comply because she (or he) knows they are the photos you want.  And make sure your coordinator has the list as well.

I’ve already mentioned before how important it was to me to get photos of my necklace and headband from my wedding day, I also wanted to be sure to get a great photo of the detail on my wedding dress because it was one of the reasons I chose it.  Starfish played a big part of my wedding day and I loved that the detail on my gown looked like a starfish (six legs instead of five, but still…).  I’m so glad I mentioned this to her prior to the wedding.  It is one of my top 500 photos from the day. 😉

Another of my favorite photos is of my husband and my boys.  They all make the same goofy face and I specifically requested one photo with all of them making their face.  You would think they are related!

Your photographer is going to get hundreds of gorgeous shots from your wedding day.  But he (or she) does not know who or what is extra special to you, and that needs to be captured, if you don’t tell them.

Be Carefree,



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